Top Four Reasons to Choose Hardwood Floors

You might be wondering what kind of wood floor you should go with for your new home or while you are renovating home and this article details out all the reasons why you should consider buying a hardwood floor for your new home.


Solid wood floors offer an elegant and luxurious look to your home. Unlike engineered wood flooring that is composed of several layers and is covered by a final layer of authentic wood, solid wood floors are 100% a single piece of solid wood. When installing the floor, multiple pieces of wood are used of the same type or different type, adding value to your home.


Solid hardwood floors will make your home look luxurious, even as time goes by. With proper installation and maintenance, it can last for generations in perfect condition.

Depending on the thickness of the floor you buy, engineering floors have a lifespan of a couple of decades, but they will never exceed the lifespan of solid wood floors. The reason is that the solid wood floor is much thicker than the thin layer of wood used by engineering floors. Solid wood floors can be sanded and finished several times after smart floor wood flooring.


Solid wood floors are built to withstand high traffic areas, such as corridors, living rooms or dining rooms. The hardwood floors are hard, durable and you never expect a hollow sound from it. Therefore, it is less susceptible to damage compared to the engineering floor in terms of pressure applied to its surface.

Knowing what areas of the home are the best for solid wood floors is key to their durability. The smart floor wood flooring should only be installed at ground level or higher, that is, the first floor or the second floor are ideal. The reason is that the real wood floor can be susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature.

Therefore, the pool or basement area requires more care for solid wood floors, as they can expand in wet conditions. For these areas with high humidity, you can choose engineered wood floors or tile floors, as they are less prone to expansion or contraction in wet and dry conditions.


Even many doctors suggest solid wood as the best option for your health. The organic origin of solid wood, harvested directly from a tree and right at home is an advantage over any other artificial material. It does not contain electromagnetism, which translates into less dust inside your home.

It will also reduce the number of toxins and allergens such as animal dander, allergens, pollen or molds that often accompany dust entering the atmosphere.

Recapitulation of the qualities of the solid wood floor

  1. The high quality that never goes out of style
  2. The useful life can range between 80 and 100 years, or even more
  3. Strong structure and reliable durability
  4. Healthy for you and beneficial for the environment
  5. The distinctive characteristics of feel and durability add value to your investment