How to Apply for a New Zealand Visa

If you are planning to go New Zealand for your holidays but confusion regarding how to start with the process is boggling you up then cheers as this article is exactly for you.

New Zealand Visa Application Types

You need to understand that there are different types of visas but you need to find what you need according to your plan. To simplify things if you are just visiting New Zealand for a holiday then you must apply for a Visitor Visa. There can be other reasons like for business purposes, in that case, a business visa will perfectly fit your need as it has a validity of up to 3 months. Now it is your choice to go for a holiday or business one if your purpose includes both. Unlike a business visa, holiday visa is valid till 9 months, where even if you want you can study for 3 months.  Even partners and young kids can be included in the New Zealand Visa Application.


Means Of Payment

There are several ways in which you can pay. Few of the ways include payment through debit or any credit card. You can even deposit directly to the bank account along with your personal information that includes your full name, phone number, and passport number.  These are few reference details which will be used in your New Zealand Visa Application.


With all the document ready you can go ahead and fill a form online to submit your application. There are few essential required documents without which you can’t further proceed with the application. You will have to have a passport which must be original along with your signed application. Don’t forget to have passport size photos which must be colored. A proof of accommodation or any bank statement is essential to show your financial support. Medical documents are often optional and can be presented in severe and serious cases. You need to show that you will have to write home that can be your company or university letter. You need to show your ticket and other arrangements made in New Zealand for travel. If you are related by blood to any New Zealand resident then Sponsorship Form is vital for getting the Entry. You cannot forget to actually provide the evidence of the relation.

Application Center

Now the question strikes where to actually apply with all these documents in hands. Well, you need to contact the Visa Application Centre. There is an online appointment system where applicants are suggested to get an appointment with the Visa Application Centre of New Zealand. Appointment won’t take long if you have all the certified documents mentioned above along with your photos. You must have complete visa application form along with full deposit payment slip. You must keep in mind that if you plan to authorize anybody else for a collection of your passport then you need to include authorization letter in your application that will contain your signatures, else the authority won’t be given.
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