Building Restoration Vs. Renovation Vs. Remodel: All That You Need To Know

The terms restoration, renovation, and remodeling are closely interlinked with each other so much that it gets difficult to differentiate between their meanings. They all belong to the classified field of construction. Depending on what one needs and why they need these methods are employed to achieve the task. There can be regarded major differences between them yet they are so minute ones to be pointed. Renovation Companies Auckland needs more of the permission rights than the remodeling or renovation. Restoration deals with.



In restoration, the designs are particularly targeted towards the preservation of the features of the building which have been destroyed or degraded by the natural or human cause. They aim to combine the characteristics of the historic and modern and sleek style.



Renovation deals with the process of restructuring, enhancing or renewing the building. It works on what is already present and in some situations may involve adding onto it. The addition may vary and is dependent on the need, beautification purposes etc. The renovation does result in lesser cost than the restoration and may be helpful in the longer run. The job of the renovators and the restorators are pretty much alike but this isn’t necessary that renovation involves the restoration. While in the other case the restoration services and procedures may or may not involve the renovations.


Remodeling is one of the most painstaking processes compared to remodeling and renovation. This makes the process very demanding in the reference to using the limited resources to expand or beautify. The remodeling can involve raising or lowering the ceilings, gutting and removing or the wall, may deal with the expansion and compression of the space, addition of plumbing. This method is employed in the need where a chief building component is missing or at times it can be done just in the case of beautification.

Differences Between The Preservation And Restoration

Many of the people do confuse these two methods for their purpose, in the long run, is almost the same- protecting the building from degradation. The protection is done for the buildings to last longer and in the majority of the scenarios are used with the historical site and heritage buildings. The slight change in preservation comes into play upon the usage of the additional resources and material. Preservation is a low key maintenance in safeguarding the reconstructed building. There is just the touch-up and slight investment in preservation that too in very rare cases. While in restoration the resources used may be elaborately decorated and expensive. The sole purpose of the preservation is to keep the building as it is in its already current state without much change.


Reconstruction And Renovation

This is a highly misjudged course taken in the path of the renovation phase. It allows the renewal of the whole building or just some of its parts. The reason for the outcome is mostly to provide a better modern look or sometimes adjust the rehabilitation needs.

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